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Experiment of the Week

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering presents the “Experiment of the Week”:  In a total of 15 clips, research results and everyday phenomena are described in an easy to understand and clear manner.

Ultrasound as conveyor belt – how does it work? (video in German)
What is a vortex street? (video in German)
What is active noise control? (video in German)
How to saw stones? (video in German)
Why is aluminum better then magnesium? (video in German)
How does air flow? (video in German)
What is precision forging? (video in German)
How to sort things by blowing? (video in German)
Microstructure: how small can small be? (video in German)
What happens during fuel injection? (video in German)
What is electro spinning? (video in German)
How is a fire whirl formed? (video in German)
What is a parallel robot? (video in German)
How can a conveyor belt be improved? (video in German)
What does gear synchronization mean? (video in German)