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Ever wondered what the robots of the future will look like?

Ever wondered what the robots of the future will look like?

…Join our online workshop in Soft Robotics this 3rd December 2020!!!

Robots are intriguing and have inspired many blockbusters and science fiction bestsellers over the years.

However, since the beginning of this decade, the gap between sci-fi and reality has decreased with the transition from hard to "soft" robots.
Flexible, Safe, Self-aware, Self-healing, incredibly adaptive, and bio-mimicking are just a few words describing future robots. The Soft Robotics team at the Institute of Assembly Technology (match) is currently working on bringing these soft robots out of the laboratories confines to the real world.

In the institute''s workshop on 3 December 2020, we will give you an insight into this exciting new world with the latest research. The photo  is just a small glimpse into this exciting world.

Due to the current regulations regarding Covid-19, the workshop will be held entirely online. But you can pick up the experiment kit from match (PZH, Garbsen) and join from the comfort of your home.

If you are interested, write a few words about why you want to participate in this workshop (you won''t be tested; we are just curious!) and send it to dewni.pathegama@stud.uni-hannover.de. We will write you back with more details as soon as we have completed the group!!!