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Hiwi Job

Hiwi Job

Modeling in a multimaterial framework at micro- & macroscopic length scale

The Collaborative Research Centre 1153 investigates on hybrid metallic materials. Therefore, the modeling of the behavior of that structures, concluding microscopic & macroscopic scales, is the responsibility of subproject C4 at the IKM. Since this adresses multiple physical effects, it can be splitted into e.g. thermomechanical, pure thermal as well as diffusion or plastic behavior. Moreover, the use of data through the scales requires localization and homogenization techniques.

Hence, several possible tasks are available. On the one hand, existing routines have to be modified for a more general use (Mathematica). On the other hand, the routines have to be extended (AceGen). At least, a testing could be done (AceFEM).


  • Finite Elements & Continuum Mechanics
  • Mathematica & AceGen/AceFEM
  • Thermodynamics/Heat Transfer


Christoph Böhm

Appelstr. 11
5. Floor
Room A554

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