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7th European Young Engineers Conference (EYEC)

© European Young Engineers Conference

EYEC will be held on 23-25th April 2018 at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology (Waryńskiego 1, Warsaw, Poland).


About EYEC

European Young Engineers Conference is intended for students both of bachelor and master degree, as well as Ph.D. candidates. The Conference has an interdisciplinary character - it is intended for students connected with the field of chemical and process engineering and related disciplines (biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, environmental protection, material engineering and others). The official language of the conference is English.

Goals of the Conference:

  • to provide everyone a place for exchanging thoughts and ideas
  • to integrate the community of young scientists by creating an environment where knowledge of different fields could pervade
  • to enable a general meeting for people who are interested in forming and publishing bold statements

The conference will cover following matters:

  • process engineering
  • chemical engineering
  • process equipment
  • biomedical engineering
  • nanotechnologies & nanomaterials
  • bioprocess engineering
  • environment protection
  • material engineering
  • other engineering disciplines

Registration and further Information

  • Registration: 11.11.-11.12.2017
  • Here you can find more information about regulations and registration.
  • Important dates

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