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Intern. Design Project - How do you innovate where resources run dry?

What types of design can be assembled and repaired in communities where tools, money and infrastructure are scarce? Can fresh thinking and reused materials deliver a product which benefits both people and the environment in developing countries?

Student teams will consider these questions creatively in this project. They will examine the needs, opportunities and challenges, brainstorm for ideas and select a concept matching the tools and materials available – all within a strict budget. Reused materials will be sourced by each team before a first prototype is designed, built and exhibited at the Maker Faire Hannover 2018. 

Everything takes place in English and the project is intended for engineers and scientists who wish to learn a language through project management and prototyping. It gives students the chance to work independently, reach their own decisions and discover that reality does not always mirror theory. 

Each team will reflect on their progress in a portfolio and project book, helping them to learn technical English in context. At the same time, they will acquire practical skills in fields like metalworking and electronics. 

The project takes place on Fridays, 15:00–18:00, starting on 4 May, and as a block course from 10–16 September. A certificate and 3 ECTS points are available.

How to apply

To apply, send a letter explaining your motivation and experience, approximately 200 words long and written in English, together with an up-to-date transcript of results, i.e., Notenspiegel, to Christopher Tidy (tidymaschinenbau.uni-hannover.de) by 30 April 2018.