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Offers for schools

Offers for schools

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In the following, you will find events and projects of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering that can inspire national and international students for technology and science at an early age and in the long term and also offer an insight into the diverse range of courses offered by our faculty. The offers are divided into projects that we carry out at your site and those that take place at our site. There is also a special section for international students.

We come to you

Events and projects

Leibniz JuniorLab Technik - what Mechanical Engineering offers

We use an experiment bus to visit classes, where we introduce children to the fascination of science.

Project/Theme days

You have a special topic from the field of technology/mechanical engineering/engineering and want to make a project day out of it or maybe just try out 2 hours of experiments? We would be happy to come to your classroom and do research together with you on your desired topic!

Information events for specific target groups

Have you always wanted to know what a day at university looks like or do you have questions about student life at our faculty or university? What do you do in the courses of study Mechanical Engineering and/or Production and Logistics?

We come with students directly to your school/your hometown and share our experiences about studying and living in Hannover with you.

We invite you

Events and projects


The Gauß-AG offers pupils from the 9th grade onwards an insight into the interesting and diverse world of mechanical engineering: There is much more to discover here in addition to what you get to know at school. More information about the Gauß-AG.

Trial days

You always wanted to have a look behind the scenes of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering? What does a lecture hall look like or what happens in a lecture? Also a visit to the cafeteria or a look into a scientific laboratory makes you curious? Then come and visit us on our new campus in Garbsen and we will organise a day at the university for you individually.


There is a technical topic that interests you very much? Maybe you want to visit an institute or do some experiments? Then write us and we will organize a workshop for you, whether for half a day or over three days, together with you we will make an individual plan adapted to your wishes.

Information events

Would you like more information about your studies, the university or would you like to attend a question and answer session? An exchange with students, doctoral candidates or professors would be what you need to choose your studies? Write to us and we will organize an event for you on our campus.

Parents' evening

You are interested in our courses of study, but are not yet sure how it all works? What about the exams? What financial possibilities do I have during my studies (scholarships, jobs, Bafög, etc.)? What choices do I have during my studies and what about leisure activities? All these and other questions can be answered at our parents' evening.

International students

Events and projects

UniTaster Day

To help you make a better decision on the right course of study and the right place to study, come to us at the university or faculty. We will give you insights into individual institutes. You can get information about studying in Hannover directly from students in your country.

Lecture and course guidance via live conference call/Skype

Via live conference call/Skype we inform you about studying in Hanover.

Visiting German schools

Visited German schools in Quito/Ecuador and three schools in Colombia.

Visit from Mexico at our faculty - Impressions

Further trial and orientation projects

In addition to the offers of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Leibniz Universität offers further projects for students and teachers.


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