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Teaching in the summer semester 2020


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On this page you will find information about online teaching and the current regulations for studying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the summer semester 2020 (subject to change). These are updated continuously. If you have any questions, please contact the student advisory service by e-mail (




  • Education in Summer Semester 2020

    The Summer Semester 2020 will begin on 20th April 2020 with digital teaching and online formats.

    Here you can find a list of the courses, which won't be offered in Summer Semester 2020 or have to be postponed. Specific information about the postponed courses will be communicated in the respective Stud.IP event.

    Digital teaching in Summer Semester 2020

    For all other courses, please check the course catalogue of the Summer Semester 2020.

  • Exams in Summer Semester 2020

    The form in which examinations will be held in the Summer Semester 2020 will be decided in the coming weeks. Specific information for each event will be communicated in the respective Stud.IP event.

  • Canceled exams during Winter Semester 2019/2020

    Information on retake possibilities for failed exams of the Winter Semester 2019/2020 will be published within the next two weeks.

  • Review of exams

    Unfortunately, reviews of exams that have not taken place must be postponed indefinitely. The grades are already now reported to the Academic Examination Office. A subsequent change of the grade in the future is possible.

  • Consultation procedure for the Winter Semester 2019/2020

    The consultation procedure for Winter Semester 19/20 is suspended retroactively. This means that for the Winter Semester 19/20 neither the 15 ECTS credits per semester have to be acquired nor does the total sum of the acquired credits have to be greater or equal to the number of semesters multiplied by 15 after each counting semester.

    Also, the counting semesters for the Summer Semester 20 remain the same as in Winter Semester 19/20.

    Despite the discontinuation of the hearings for Winter Semester 19/20, the Student Advisory Service offers voluntary counselling appointments for the Summer Semester 2020.

    Appointments for telephone or video conferences can be arranged at the following e-mail address:

  • Final theses

    Students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering who are currently writing their bachelor, master or student research projects are granted an extension of 2 months. If you have finished the thesis earlier, it can be handed in early.

    This regulation concerns all students who have officially registered their Bachelor, Master or student research projects until 13th March 2020 via the academic exam office. There is no need to submit a separate application for this.

    The new submission deadlines will be recorded by the academic exam office in the QIS for all the above-mentioned cases and will be visible online for you in the grades table (example: submission deadline is 10th April 2020 - extension will be approved until 10th June 2020).

    The final thesis must be submitted in digital form to the supervisors. The date of receipt of the e-mail counts. A printed version must also be sent by post to the supervising institute.

    Please inform your examiners and supervisors about the extension of your student work as soon as possible.

  • Requirements

    If one of your compliance audits has not taken place, please contact the examination board directly (by e-mail to and by sending the requirements form).

  • List of english modules

    Here you can find the list of english modules, which are offered in the summer semester 2020:

    • Advanced English for Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
    • Applied Wave Optics
    • Atomic Optics
    • Atom Optics for Optical Technologies
    • Biointerface Engineering
    • Biomedical Engineering for Engineers II
    • Biophotonics - Imaging Physics and Manipulation of Biological Cells
    • Computational Photonics
    • Continuum Mechanics II
    • Design and Simulation of Optomechatronic Systems
    • Detection and Quantification of Optical Radiation
    • Finite Elements II
    • Jet Engines
    • Introduction to Database Systems
    • Image Analysis I
    • Industrial surveying
    • International Design Project
    • Laser Material Processing
    • Laser Measurement Technology
    • Model Predictive Control
    • MOOC Aircraft Engines
    • Non-linear Optics
    • Solar Cell Physics
    • Power Plant Engineering
    • Proseminar Biophotonics
    • Remote Sensing II
    • Seminar Theory and practice of optical functional layers
    • Ultrashort laser pulses




Student advisory service
Dr. Mareike Vorholt | Carolin Mantke, M. A.
Student advisory service
Dr. Mareike Vorholt | Carolin Mantke, M. A.