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Repair - Café

In the Federal Republic of Germany, 17 kilograms of electronic waste are produced per person per year. In the event of a technical defect, a product is often disposed of, a new one consumed and thus more and more is produced. In the case of a technical defect, the actual end of the product is seldom reached and it could be repaired in a few steps (source: FC).

The connection to mechanical engineering

The process of restoration is directly linked to the art of mechanical engineering. Penetrating the functioning and interaction of mechanics and electronics greatly enhances the understanding of the theoretical school. It is desirable that students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering not only see themselves as consumers but also as prosumers and actively deal with the topic of regeneration.

What, when and where?

The student repair café is provided with two workstations and the necessary tools. The students, who are allowed to repair the tools they have brought with them independently according to their abilities, are guided and supported by other students who already have some experience.

The Repair Café will take place every second Saturday of the month on the premises of the university's Stadtteilwerkstatt Werk-statt-Schule e.V. A "district repair café" has already been established in the workshop.