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The Mechanical Engineering Campus of Leibniz University Hannover

The Mechanical Engineering Campus represented a milestone in the history of Leibniz University Hannover. It was the largest new building project of the university, which was completed after a construction period of almost four years. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is now bundling its capabilities and diversity of subjects in one place, opening up undreamt-of opportunities for cooperation in research and teaching.

The campus at a glance

The main 20,760 square metres of usable floor space on the campus comprise three institute buildings, a research building for the Dynamics of Energy Conversion (DEW), a lecture hall building, a canteen, a seminar and communication building (SEKOM) and a technology centre that supplies the campus. The buildings are arranged around an idyllic green area, providing a modern and pleasant learning, teaching and working environment for the approximately 5,300 students and employees. The costs for the Mechanical Engineering Campus, including the Dynamics of Energy Conversion Research Building, amount to around 149 million euros. The project is jointly financed by the state and the federal government.

History of the Mechanical Engineering Campus

  • Already in the 70s of the last century there were efforts to establish a scientific axis, which was conceived as an urban structural concept of the TU Hannover and which is now completed with the construction of the Mechanical Engineering Campus.
  • In 2013, the architecture firm Auer + Weber from Munich won the international general planning competition for the new campus.
  • On 4th December 2015, the first sod was symbolically turned at the official start of the second construction phase in Garbsen.
  • On the 23rd May 2017, Leibniz University Hannover invited to the topping-out ceremony of the second construction phase in Garbsen.
  • 19 September 2019: Opening of the Campus by Lower Saxony's Minister President Stephan Weil
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Hannover Center for Production Technology 

The Hannover Center for Production Technology (PZH) on the opposite side of the street, in which seven institutes of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are already successfully carrying out their work, will be conceptually integrated into the building project. It represents the first construction phase of the entire campus.

Campus party of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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On 11th October 2019, the campus party took place on the newly opened Campus Maschinenbau at the same time as the Night of Mechanical Engineering. This unique spectacle attracted more than 3,500 visitors to Garbsen and offered a lot to those interested. Besides Big Band, Campus Pils and a flea market, more than 50 exhibitors presented exhibits and science to touch and participate.