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Sustainable Engineering, B. Sc.

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Becoming the engineers of tomorrow today

No building, no start-up, no process, few hobbies and equally few thoughts can do without technology. How great is the potential for achieving climate and sustainability goals, developing green innovations and preventing green washing? Huge - we think. And that is why we are training the engineers of tomorrow. Sustainable engineering is the degree programme that weaves the foundations of engineering sciences with the fundamentals of sustainability sciences.

Why study Sustainable Engineering?

Let’s act together, now!

Become part of a new generation of engineers and complete your first professional qualification with us, which will not only open up responsible fields of activity and occupations for you, but will also make you part of a large movement to combat climate change, waste of resources and outdated production and economic methods. In your interdisciplinary education, you will follow a curriculum that includes basic sustainability science disciplines and methods, but also leads to a recognised engineering degree through several engineering science modules from the fields of mathematics, technical mechanics, materials science, energy and process engineering as well as construction. After successfully completing the Bachelor of Sustainable Engineering, you can officially call yourself an engineer.

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Module plans and module catalogue

Module plan: Start of study winter semester

Module plan: Start of study summer semester

Curriculum for SoSe admission

Module Catalogue

What students say about the programme

Ole Bodenstein, 22, Mechanical Engineering (B. Sc.):

"With the Sustainable Engineering degree programme, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is taking a big step towards the future. Because this degree programme combines innovation and responsibility. We hear it from the street on Fridays: nowadays, technical progress can no longer be an end in itself. Rather, it should be used for the long-term benefit of people and nature, in other words, it should be sustainable. With the new degree programme, mechanical engineering at the University of Hannover is committed to this idea. [...] In designing the curriculum, discussions were held with many different disciplines, not only in engineering but also in the humanities, in order to create an interdisciplinary degree programme. One that covers everything from gear design to engineering mechanics and ethics of engineering sciences to an introduction to environmental law. Last but not least, we students were also involved in the final fine-tuning to guarantee a coherent, exciting process."

Dörthe Behrens, 22, Mechanical Engineering (B. Sc.):

"For me, this degree programme means a new focus on current problems and challenges in mechanical engineering. Sustainability and environmental protection should take on central themes in our thinking and actions and as such should be given an increased role in teaching. The Sustainable Engineering Science degree programme enables young people to acquire knowledge and methods for the preservation of this planet from the very beginning and to apply them in laboratories and projects."

Jan Feldkamp, 22, Mechanical Engineering (B. Sc.):

"For those who lack vision, ethical considerations or a clear mission statement in traditional mechanical engineering, the new Sustainable Engineering degree programme is just the ticket. Here's to the University of Hannover continuing on its path to becoming a forward-looking university."

Further information

The interdisciplinary degree programme integrates elements of critical philosophy of technology, climate science, sustainability economics, sustainable production as well as closed-loop technology and other sustainability-focused elements and thus represents a contemporary and socially relevant study programme. You can get more information by clicking on the following buttons:


M. Sc. Lisa Lotte Schneider
Programme Coordination Head of the Office of the Dean of Studies
An der Universität 1
30823 Garbsen
M. Sc. Lisa Lotte Schneider
Programme Coordination Head of the Office of the Dean of Studies
An der Universität 1
30823 Garbsen