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Early exams in Mechatronics and Robotics

Early exams Mechatronics and Robotics M. Sc.

Under certain conditions, students of the bachelor's degree program in mechatronics can give preference to exams and study achievements from the master's degree program in Mechatronics and Robotics (PO 2017). The necessary conditions are listed below.

The following criteria must first be met:

  • The student has achieved at least 130 credit points in the bachelor's degree program in mechatronics. The following subjects must be passed:
    • Technische Mechanik I - IV
    • Mathematik I + II
    • Numerische Mathematik nach PO 2017 oder Mathematik I - IV nach PO 2012
  • A total of no more than 25 credit points from examinations and study achievements may be brought forward.
  • Examinations taken earlier do not constitute a claim to admission to the corresponding Master's programme.
  • The examination board of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for checking the admission requirements. For this purpose, students must submit the appropriate form and a current grade sheet to the examination board.

How and where are early examination and study achievements recognised?

For the recognition of early examination and study achievements, please fill out the registration and admission form and submit it personally to the examination board of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering by the end of the respective examination registration period in the semester at the latest. Provided that you have been granted admission and the registration form has been formally checked for accuracy, the registration for the early examination papers will be entered into the system via the Academic Examination Office.

The teachers are responsible for booking the grades for the examination performances. Students can use a form on the website of the Akademisches Prüfungsamt to provide proof of the excursions they have taken. Please note that registrations after the end of the lecture period will not be considered.

For successful registration, the completed and signed form must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Studies in Mechanical Engineering within the examination registration period of the corresponding semester.

Form for the recognition of advanced study and examination credits (mechatronics and robotics).

Which examination and/or study achievements may be brought forward?


Academic achievement:

Robotik I

5 LP


2 LP

3x Optional course

15 LP


1 LP

*Tutorials in the total amount of 2 LP can be provided. The number of courses is not relevant and not all tutorials have to be brought forward.


Agnes Maiwald, M. A.
Accreditation Officers
An der Universität 1
30823 Garbsen
Agnes Maiwald, M. A.
Accreditation Officers
An der Universität 1
30823 Garbsen