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Family and studies

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Anyone who takes up studies with a child or becomes pregnant during their studies is faced with further challenges in addition to the regular performance of study and examination work. For example, childcare, financing or the question of maternity leave must be clarified.

Family support during studies

The regular examination period of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering extends over the entire semester break. In order to help you plan better, please note: September is generally exam-free. In addition, all examinations are offered every semester. These repeat exams allow you to rectify compressed examination periods according to your needs. The examination regulations also allow for exceptions if there are good reasons to reduce the examination load in the examination periods.

Anyone who has to care for a child or relatives has to show good reasons. In the case of advanced or smaller courses, oral examinations are often offered, the dates of which can be arranged individually with the examiners. In case of current problems, for example if your child falls ill the day before an important exam, you can also contact the Dean of Studies. Decisions on individual cases are made by the examination board and the coordinator of the study programme.

Family support during the doctorate

If you are doing your doctorate at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, there is support for you and your child for this work and research-intensive time. The same applies if you are entrusted with the care of a relative or close person.

Alternating telework

In principle, there is the possibility of alternating teleworking. Alternating teleworking means that employees work their regular individual working hours partly at home (domestic workplace) and partly at the office (company workplace). The teleworkers are supported by equipment and facilities of decentralised information processing or communication technology. The home office is connected to the office online.

As a rule, alternating teleworking can be requested for the following personal reasons:

  • Educational tasks for children and young people
  • Caring responsibilities for relatives
  • Reduction in performance with impairments due to age, illness, convalescence
  • Disability with recognised impairments
Further information on alternating teleworking can be found on the central website of Leibniz University Hannover.

Audit family-friendly university

Leibniz University Hannover was first awarded the certificate for the family-friendly Higher Education Institution audit on 24th November 2008. This marked the beginning of a period of 3 years in which many other measures and projects to increase family friendliness were carried out. Since 15th March 2012, Leibniz University has been re-audited as a family-friendly university.

Within the scope of the re-audit, new goals for the next three years were agreed upon together with the project group and the auditor of berufundfamilie gGmbH and signed by the Executive Board. The Family Service Office reports annually to berufundfamilie gGmbH on the implementation of the agreed goals and measures. Leibniz University's lighthouse projects that are attracting attention nationwide are above all the back-up support (also for guest students, guest researchers), the care portal and the care hotline.


Lisa Lotte Schneider, M. Sc.
Programme Coordinator
An der Universität 1
30823 Garbsen
Lisa Lotte Schneider, M. Sc.
Programme Coordinator
An der Universität 1
30823 Garbsen