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Withdrawal from the examination and extension of the deadline

Withdrawal from the examination and extension of the deadline

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Important note!

For reasons of data protection and security, applications and declarations can only be sent from your university e-mail address (@stud.uni-hannover.de). Sending from other e-mail addresses will not be accepted!

Please complete and send the withdrawal declarations/applications below by e-mail to: attest-maschinenbau@pa.uni-hannover.de


Examination deregistration | Examination withdrawal

Deregistration within the deregistration period

  • Withdrawal from a written examination and written examination with answer procedure is possible online up to 7 calendar days before the examination date.
  • Withdrawal from an oral examination or a practical sports presentation can be made directly to the examiners up to the day before the examination.
  • Withdrawal from all other forms of examination listed in Annex 2 is possible until the start of the examination. The start of the examination performance is the issue of the topic in the case of forms of topic issue.
  • An exception to this is a topic return - for Bachelor's and Master's theses according to §7 of the corresponding examination regulations.

(see §15 of the corresponding examination regulations)

Failure outside the deregistration period

If the withdrawal has not taken place within the respective deadline, important reasons for a withdrawal from the examination can be asserted immediately to the body responsible according to §3 (Dean of Studies or Examination Board).

  • In the case of illness, a medical certificate in the form of the form " Declaration of withdrawal due to inability to take the examination due to illness" is required.
  • In the case of other important reasons, the form "Declaration of withdrawal/extension of the processing time for important reasons (not due to illness)" is required.

(see §15 of the corresponding examination regulations)

Hearing study programmes | Study programmes with trial counting

Regulations for students in hearing study programmes

You do not provide evidence of important reasons after each missed examination performance, but submit certificates or evidence of important reasons only collectively in the course of the hearing if 15 credit points have not been achieved at the end of the semester. It is nevertheless necessary to obtain the certificates or proofs immediately in the context of the missed examination and to keep them for the case of the hearing.

Regulations for students in degree programmes with attempt counting

We will check the certificate of inability to take the exam (certificate/reasons). If something is wrong or still missing, we will contact you. In all other cases, there will initially be no feedback from us.   

Please check the entry of the withdrawal after the end of the assessment period against your QIS grade sheet. There you should find the note "RTE" (excused withdrawal). If this is not the case, please contact the examination board or the Academic Examination Office.

An excused withdrawal is generally not recognised if you took part in the examination despite being unable to take it!

Extension of the processing time of a Bachelor's or Master's thesis, dissertation or term paper

Please note: If you would like to apply for an extension of the processing time of a Bachelor's or Master's thesis or term paper due to illness, a medical certificate must be attached to the form " Extension of the processing time due to illness-related examination incapacity". The application for an extension must be submitted immediately after the occurrence of the reason for the delay.