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Incomings report

Here you will find reports on the experiences of students who come from abroad to study (semester abroad, international degree) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at LUH. In their articles, students describe their experiences gained during their stay abroad and provide valuable insights into their everyday life and leisure time.

Incomings at the Leibniz University Hannover

German comes from Argentina and is currently studying mechanical engineering as a degree-seeking student in the second master's semester. Here he reports about his great impressions and experiences, which he made during his stay in the first year at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and in Hanover.

Ditzia comes from Mexico and was a student in the Double Degree Program International Mechatronics. Currently she is a research assistant at the Institute of Assembly Technology at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Here she reports about her experiences during her studies in St.Petersburg and Hanover.